We help you to produce your Podcast &/or Music Production  Exclusively with brands

We know your time is valuable. That's why we do all of the heavy lifting to make podcasting and music production easy for you. We want our customers and potential customers to hear about our brand, to know our unique offering on a product or service, and recognize the value we add to the world.

Good Storytelling engages the audience

We achieves 90-95% listen-through rates on 20-30 minute podcasts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for its clients. We know that podcasts are remarkably intimate, portable and enable the listener to learn something, be entertained, moved, or helped using ‘low-involvement processing’ which has a lower cognitive load, allowing for the added benefit of multitasking.

What we believe in?

We believes that marketers, when communicating with their stakeholders, are great at capturing attention. We know that prospects often consume 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with sales or buying direct, but unless prospects can subscribe to this content stream or build a habit, very little of it will be effective at keeping them. Enter the podcast. Through branded podcasting, brands are starting to behave like broadcasters, same as music production.

Ready to Rock?

Starting a podcast or music production can be time consuming and challenging. We handle and the work and all you have to do is come into our studio, talk, sing and leave.

Trust. Connection made through audio is a powerful one. Hearing is one of our first senses to develop in the womb. There has never been another time in history when you could be piped directly in the ear of your customer (and pre-customer).

Easy Way To Success

Rise above. Become the industry expert and excel past your competition.



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